青魔術 Bubbles disappear Dream take over Here you are Time of Blue Magic Inevitable
誕生日 Happy Birthday to Paul Valery,Ezra Pound,Antoine Bourdelle,
Crifford Brown,Bin Ueda,Louis Malle,Claude Lelouch,Agata Kristof, on...and Me
山口椿 Drawing Lizard
絵本 Feel Sagan TOXIQUE
手紙 Dai5Fukuryumaru 6 Heart
心臓 Dai5Fukuryumaru 5 Engine
船体 Dai5Fukuryumaru 4 Surface
左舷 Dai5Fukuryumaru 3 Hull
船底 Dai5Fukuryumaru 2  Maguro
船顔 Dai5Fukuryumaru 1 Bow
神無 October in Yumenoshima 
秋花火 Distance Between
守宮 My Friend Gecko Yamori
高積雲 Look up the Sky Changing. Autumn has come
日本丸 Hope Sail Again
大岡川 After Jazzy Nights
太田恵資 Meditating in off Violin
板橋文夫 Sing with Piano "Love Me Tender" Imawano Version at Kannai
秋吉敏子 Welcome Back from Long Yellow Road and Play Hope Impressively  at Minato Mirai Yokohama
船渠 Big Band Jazz at Doc Yard Garden

家族 Hayasaka Family at News Harbor
母 Maki and Sachi at Dolphy

吼詩 Carmen Maki Howls From the Deep Bottom

客人 Donald Harrison from New Orleans

横濱 Jazz Promenade 2012 Start at Landmark Plaza
夢南 Is Angel in there ? or Tinkerbell or Unknown Fairy ?
象徴 Spirit of Ecstasy
 "Qvidvis Recte Factvm Qvamvis Hvmile Praeclarvm"
遺失物 Probably My Love Angel's