遺骨 Remains Waiting to Rest
旅 Here There and Everywhere, In and Out Body & Soul, Hell or Heaven Wherever
if I Feel I Go
12 See You Nihonmatsu
11 Good Breeze
10 Girl Volunteer
 9 Boy Shy
 8 Cat Lonely
 7 Dog Lonely
 6 Baby Bike
 5 Medical Treatment
 4 Entrance
 3 Community Center
 2 Smile Natural
福島県浪江町仮設住宅 1 Summer of  2012
咆哮 Maki Roars so Beautifully

絶唱 Carmen Maki Sings for FUKUSHIMA
安達二本松 Michiro Endou Shouting Song for his Home
安達太良山 Fog and Cloud Passing by
鎮魂 War must be Over Forever Repose of Soul in Sunset
戦争 For Whom ? No More
太平洋 Be Peaceful Ocean
蜩鳴声 Eyes Close Mind Empty Just Listen kanakanakana...哀哀哀...
遺影 Mother Youth and Lotus Blossom 
合掌 After Sunset Goodbye Mother I loved You 
八朔骨 Sunset After Cremation