蓮 Lotus
母 Thank You Mother You'll be some Flower in Your Next Life
肯定 Remember Good. Positive
絆 for K

絵 Pictures on Hospital Wall
匿名人 Anonymous the Internet Meme in Demonstration
Let them do now
気分 Statement
優怒 Gentle Anger of Women Power Go!

同感 No Nuke on the Earth and Love Your Country
日本人達 Now Silence is not Golden after Fukushima
 Act something Good for Yourself
未来 Wait. Answer Me. What Shall I Do ?
(at Watarium in Aoyama Tokyo)
贈物 Sour but Sweet from Friend in North
収穫 Petit Satisfaction
道化師 Clown A by Henry Miller
徳田 Hoki at Spiral Aoyama
百二十歳 Clown B by Henry Miller
地球星 We are all Living on the Star
国会偽事堂前 Distance between Shinya Fujiwara and the Building
脱原発 Demo in the Rain
爆弾気分 Corazon or Bomb
半夏生 Time goes by (in Mother's Garden)

命日 Pina Bausch the Choreographer one of my Favorite Artists