一葉 Fading Out Beautifuly
京の一言 Exactly
注連縄 Between Here and There
冬景色 Bride and Bridegroom
願を掛ける Wish for Coming Year
絵を聴く Woman Listening Painting
気配 Refuge Ondine
詩仙堂 残月軒 麻三斤 Answer is in front of Your Eyes 
椿 悪魔を描く Devil on Woman's Body 
降誕祭 Yes. Can You ?
詩仙堂 Meditation in Garden Stillness     

曼殊院 Ghosts Everywhere
山口椿 描く Drawing on Draft of Wedding Kimono
舞子はん Before Work
再会 気まずい空気 Family Reunion But...
父親がやって来る Father Momotaro is Coming
母子 with Mama Genki
ゲンタロウ1歳の誕生日 at City Zoo in Kyoto
12月21日昼下り at City Zoo in Kyoto 
マヤ暦5125年 I was There in 5103. Goodby and Hello New Maya. 
Tikal Guatemala
従順な下僕 Named Anton
昭和の夕暮れ 55Years Old Tower Still Standing for Tokyo
鏡球 Mayan Calender is Closing Soon
金子マリ Mari et Maki at Rock Joint GB
歌手 The Best Performance in 2012 From the Bottom Up !

荒野にひとりたつ...あなた...美しき野獣 北へ Nord 
鬼気迫るマキ Impressive Singing From the Bottom Deep
歌い続けてきてよかった カルメンマキ Said at Back Stage of Rock Joint GB in Kichijohji 
ウツボな瞳 How Do You See the World Now ? 
儚 Life is

静かで優しいアメリカの友人達 Good American Friends of My Side

あの日の翌日 1980年12月9日 We Had Walked into Central Park toward Strawberry Field to Pray Silently
for John Lennon
待つ事...堪忍ねぇ...横田早紀江さんが呟いた Gentle Smile in Back Sun Light and North Wind
あの頃はよかったわねぇ She Said in the Elevator at Watarium
追悼・和多利志津子様 I Miss You. Say Hello to Andy, Please        
  with Peaceful Spirit of Art
夜景写真 After Portrait. Of course We Went Out and Photographed The Night Together
The Twin Tower had Disappeared Already

背景 That Time Behind Him. It was Beautiful Sunset in Downtown.

I did not know You were Gone.
 This is My Last Photo of Jerry Burchard  Visiting My Loft in New York.
Thank You Again Jerry, Sleep Well....
師 Jerry Burchard. Happy Birthday !
    It was over 30years ago in San Francisco at North Beach Italian Restaurant  for my Birthday
He treated me Warm with Amaretto 
I Remember Well and Thank You So much 
Have a Good Dream...
夢を見た I was Photographing Foggy Night in Venezia
無邪心 Good Old Friends on the Wall. Especially Snufkin
可不可 Zamza or not Zamza ?
残青 As Time Goes by