Dedicate to Shuji Terayama
 and Carmen Maki 
Listening Bach BWV244 St.Matthew Passion as usual
Shiwasu in Edo
Once upon a time
Old Orion under Lunar Eclipse
Rust never Rest
not Ember yet
Gondolas for Winterreisender
Praying Mantis
Johnny Thunders had sung at 
Max's Kansas City '80
Michiro Endo sang for FUKUSHIMA at Shimokitazawa
Mr.P sings some poem
Home staying for a while  
Tibouchina Semidencandra
Gata Got Gold
Floris Roppongus Drunkn
Feel the Wheel in Water in Fall
Away over the Autumn clouds
Have a nice fly

Last baby
Two Monks in white room
Violin Prayer
Piano Prayer
Ship in Zen
Changing slowly in minor key
Feel deep heavy sound of Bass 
Good bye Summer
Where is the Pole?
GO! Aim to the Pole 
It was rain at the airport
Noh stage Hakusan Shrine Chusonji 
On the way to
One by One
Step by step 
Welcome back Mr.Keene
Gal feed Gull in Matsushima
Just close your eyes
in Miyagi

in Iwate
Reflect ancient spirits on Omono river
 Ohmagari Akita
Smile Arigato
Well well well
I'm back now time to sing Noisily
No more
Say Yes
Say No
Sky view of Sky tower above Tokyo 
And summer goes on
Returning to usual time